Personality is to be Found in the Kia Rio

June 16th, 2021 by

The Kia Rio is a cute, subcompact, four-door car that has two exterior build options. The first option available to you is a classic sedan, while the second is a hatchback which has more cargo space. Both are available when you come see us at Doug Smith Kia for a test drive.

The engine that is under the hood of the Kia Rio only outputs 120-horsepower, but it is a four-cylinder. The only transmission is automatic and continuously variable. Despite the near constant shifting of gears from the transmission, the ride is surprisingly smooth due to the suspension system that has put into this car.

The interior is the perfect balance of class and simplicity, especially when considering the features on the dashboard. You will find technology such as dual-zone temperature control, a decent-sized infotainment display screen, and more. The backseat does not offer much in the way of legroom, but it is foldable to give you more storage space.


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