How to Repair a Light Scratch on Your Vehicle

Here at Doug Smith Kia, we want you to know how to keep your car in top condition. Have a light scratch that doesn't go all the way to the metal beneath the paint? If so, use the following steps for the repair:
1. Clean the scratch area and surface around it with warm water and soap.
2. Using sandpaper (220 grit or higher), scuff the paint around the scratch to provide a smooth surface.
3. Sand as little of the surface as you can. You're just removing debris from the scratch and creating a smooth surface for paint application.
4. Use water to clean after sanding.
5. Using package instructions, mix the touch-up paint.
6. Apply the paint using the applicator included and a small paintbrush. Other small items can be used like toothpicks, matchsticks, and more.


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