Install Winter Tires for Safer Cold Weather Driving

The next winter storm is on its way and you dread going to work in the ice and snow. Your tires can get a grip, and you slip and slide too much for comfort. Installing snow tires will help you stay safer when you need to drive during the winter.

Snow tires are designed to give the car better grip and handling on winter road conditions. In the past, studded tires were the preferred option. These tires have metal studs embedded in the tread. The treads add grip and traction on slick surfaces. However, they damage roads and make a lot of noise.

The contemporary option most people choose is a studless tire. These tires have a special rubber formulation that keeps the flexible in cold weather. They also have deep treads that grip the slick road better. Come by Doug Smith Kia and let's get your car ready for winter driving.


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