If your vehicle requires either conventional or synthetic oil, it will be specified in the owner's manual. If a specific oil is not required, you have the liberty to choose which type to use. Your choice should be based on efficiency and cost. Knowing the benefits of each will make the decision less complex.

Conventional oil is a low cost investment and is efficient for non-luxury standard performance vehicles. An oil change is recommended for approximately every 3,000 miles. You should not surpass 5,000 miles without an oil check and change. The service may cost you up to $45. Synthetic oil is the preferred choice for luxury and high-performance vehicles. It has been known to last up to 15,000 miles. An oil change is advised for every 7,500 miles. Synthetic oil is also heat resistant and enables your vehicle to perform at its optimum level. The upfront cost for a synthetic oil change is anywhere between $70 and $100.

You can always opt to use a blend of oils. The cost and quality will fall in a median between conventional and synthetic oils. Do your research and shop around before you inadvertently void your vehicle's warranty. One of our automobile experts at Doug Smith Kia will be glad to provide assistance if you still feel unsure. It's always best to be over-equipped with knowledge than not having sufficient facts.



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