Tires can be bought as either All-Season tires or as Snow tires. Which one to choose is dependent upon a few factors. Probably the most obvious is the type of weather you run into where you live and the basic driving conditions you experience. If you live in an area that may have only a little snow every year, and ice is not a problem, then the best option would probably be the all-weather tires. However, if you live in an area that has significant snow and ice, then Snow tires are probably the safest option.

It is important to remember to put a full set of tires on. Some may feel that just placing them on the front or the back of the vehicle is enough, however this does not fully protect you from skidding when you drive on the ice. After the winter season is over, you will need to change out the snow tires back into the All-Season tires. Therefore, the decision to change to snow tires may provide for better safety, but the work involved in changing back and forth between tires is a disadvantage to the Snow tires.



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