Traveling icy roads is always an unnerving experience. At Doug Smith Kia, we believe that knowledge is power. If you know how to handle your vehicle in any weather conditions, you can avoid a slew of potentially dangerous problems. Skidding, sliding, and fishtailing can be easily prevented by American Fork drivers with proper tire care and a willingness to maintain reasonable and weather-appropriate driving speeds. If your car starts to slide, however, you can use the following tips to bring it safely back under control.

Resist The Urge To Brake

When your car starts sliding, your first inclination may be to depress the brakes. On a slick, icy road, this will actually compound your problem, and it could send your car into an unrecoverable spin. Find a focal point just ahead of you instead. Then, focus on guiding your car towards this point by gently redirecting it.

Determine Whether You're In A Front Wheel Or Rear Wheel Skid

With a front wheel skid, your entire car will drift off in a direction that's entirely different from what you intend. This often happens after heading into a turn with too much speed. To correct it, simply ease off the accelerator. If your car has a manual transmission, depressing the clutch will help you regain control. Train your eyes on your focal point and steer towards it. If you aren't back on track within a matter of seconds, lightly depress your brakes.

With a rear wheel skid, the back end of your car will fishtail to the side. To correct this movement, turn your wheel lightly into the skid. This maneuver should be just enough to realign your front wheels with the rear ones. With a slight corrective motion, you can straighten your car out and avoid spinning out of control. To learn more about winter driving safety, or to check out our current inventory, visit Doug Smith Kia today.


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