Keeping the Drivers of American Fork Safe - Identifying Exhaust Leaks

At Doug Smith Kia, we believe that information is key, and that everyone should know a little bit about their vehicle. It can save time, it can save money, and above all, it can save lives. We think exhaust leaks are one of those serious problems many people aren’t even aware is a common issue.

Let’s look at four main causes/symptoms, and what they mean.
  • Small Leaks – As your car gets hot, and cools down, repeatedly, this can weaken your gaskets and seals, allowing things into the fuel, and into the exhaust.
  • Vibration – If your exhaust has become loos or rusty, you may feel or hear vibration and rattling from your exhaust.
  • Hissing and Popping – This can come from contaminants, air and other things in the exhaust, some of which may even ignite, becoming worse in the form of burned paint near the exhaust, among other things.



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