Why and How to Keep Your Tires Clean

There's a lot of great automotive technology on the market right now. Cars are faster and more efficient than ever before. New streamlined exteriors and LED lights are great, but it's important not to overlook your car's tires. Tires are crucial for your car's performance.

The tires are your only actual points of contact with the road. Debris can collect in the wheel wells and tires, creating possible hazards. Brake dust on your wheels and start to eat away at any coatings on them. They can even cause pitting in the metal.

When you wash your car, it's a good idea to start with the wheels. It sounds counterintuitive, but you want to eliminate debris so it won't splash onto the body. Use a soft bristle brush. If you don't know what kind of wheels you have, use a soap that's appropriate for any finish. Come see our qualified technicians at Doug Smith Kia with any questions.



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