Get Your Car Ready for Fall and Back-To-School!

We at Doug Smith Kia love helping people get their vehicles ready for fall and the back-to-school rush. Your vehicle is a very important part of staying on schedule and organized for those hectic school day events. Safety and being prepared will help you feel secure in having reliable transportation.

When getting your car, SUV, or truck ready for back-to-school driving, prepare a list of maintenance to-dos! Your list should include fluids topped off, checking or changing your oil, and looking at your manual to see if you are following the recommended maintenance schedule. You should also make a list of safety equipment to have in your vehicle.

Jumper cables, a flashlight, food, water, and blankets can help keep the kids settled if you are waiting for a tow or changing a tire. You will also benefit from keeping your car organized, so everything has a place.

If you are in American Fork, stop by our dealership for a service visit and chat about being prepared for fall driving.



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