What is a Car's Alternator Responsible For and How Often Does It Need Serviced?

A car's alternator charges the battery and powers the electrical system. Many people mistakenly believe that the battery is responsible for giving juice to the electrics but that is the alternator's role. The battery helps the car start by transferring electricity to the starter motor. Because it powers the electrical system in your car, the alternator is an important component you want to ensure is in good condition.

Alternators usually need changed every seven years or 100,000-250,000 miles, so you don't have to worry about this replacement often. Factors that influence their lifespan are road conditions, number of electrics used inside the car, and quality. Signs that your alternator may be going bad are a burning smell, a squealing sound, dimmer lighting, lights going from dim to bright on their own, and electrics not working consistently.

Without the alternator, you're not able to drive the car because it's what powers the electrical system. It's a good idea to check it's condition every 100,000 miles or when you notice warning signs the alternator is dying. Come service your vehicle at Doug Smith Kia whether you're concerned about the alternator or another problem.



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