What Are Summer and All-Weather Tires?

If you live in a region that experiences wet weather often and doesn't have a true winter, you may want to consider having summer tires, as opposed to all-weather tires. The main advantage of summer tires is that they offer excellent traction in wet conditions.

All-weather tires are meant to be used in climates that range from hot to cold temperatures but not in areas that have extremely cold temperatures. All-weather tires will last longer than summer tires because they have a deeper tread that is symmetrical, allowing for more rotation choices. Summer tires are made with a sticky material and have a more shallow tread, which offers a better traction during wet weather.

Trying to decide just which type of tire to get can be confusing, and we would like to help you by giving you information on both these styles of tires. Come in and see us at Doug Smith Kia in American Fork, and we will be glad to speak with you.

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