What Causes an Engine to Overheat?

Anytime your engine overheats, it is cause for concern. An engine that runs too hot can damage many vital parts of your vehicle, including bearings, pistons, valves, and cylinders. Never ignore overheating and always shut down your engine when it begins to run too hot. Here are some common reasons why your engine may overheat.

Lack of coolant is the most common cause of overheating. Regular use or leaks can cause reduce coolant levels. Overheating can also be the result of fan, pump, hose or thermostat failures. When a water pump malfunctions, it can cause leaks or bearing problems that can lead to overheating. Faulty radiators are another possible problem, and faulty radiator caps are another cause.

Whenever your engine overheats, bring it into the service department at Doug Smith Kia as soon as possible. Regular maintenance is also key to keeping your vehicle running well on the streets of American Fork.

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