Distracted Driving: Talking to Your Teen About Safe Driving Practices

We at Doug Smith Kia love welcoming new drivers into the community! Before your teenager starts driving, we have some tips for you to talk to them about so they stay safe. Distracted driving goes beyond cell phones and is a problem that can be helped with early education.

Cell phones are one of the highest distractions while driving. Have your teen put the phone away while driving, and pull over to answer important calls or texts. Hands-free is not distraction free and shouldn't be used for social calls.

GPS, playlists, and mirrors should all be set and checked prior to starting the car. There will be fewer distractions if these things are handled as a routine.

Limiting messes will also help with distracted driving. Food spills, things rolling around on the floor and a dirty interior will distract a driver!

If you would like to learn more about how to keep your teenager safe driving, stop by our dealership in American Fork to take a test drive and ask our sales associates your questions.




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