How to Read Tire Sidewall Information

Since car tire sizes are an important factor in your car’s acceleration, brake force or even how it handles the road, it is important to understand how to get the right tire size. Each tire has relevant information on the sidewall, which shows the characteristics, size, intended use, and age of the tire.

However, this information is written in a code such as 216/70-15R. In this case, the first three digits stand for the width of the tire, normally in millimeters. The next two digits highlight the height of the sidewall, which is from the tread to the rim and comes as a percentage (70) of the width of the tire. This calculation is referred to as the tire aspect ratio or profile. The next two digits after the hyphen represent the rim and wheel diameter that the tire can be mounted to. Lastly, the “R” means Radial, which is basically the type of the tire.

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