What Does a Timing Belt Do?

At Doug Smith Kia in American Fork, we make it a point to keep our consumers informed about how to keep their vehicles in optimal condition. There are many components that make your car run at its best, which include a timing belt.

A timing belt causes the camshaft and crankshaft to rotate in sync so that each cylinder fires at the same time. It also controls the action of the pistons and valves within the engine. When the timing belt is off, the engine will perform erratically.

Typically, a timing belt is covered, which can make it difficult to check, but there are signs to look for that can let you know it needs to be serviced. If the timing belt is worn, it could cause a clicking noise that comes from the engine. A worn timing belt can also cause the engine to misfire. If this occurs, get your vehicle checked as soon as possible.



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