Avoid a tire blowout with routine tire maintenance

Many things can cause a tire to blowout, and all of them are relatively easy to avoid or at least detect.

Many car owners have discovered a nail or a screw lodged in their tire and thought about how lucky they were not to suffer a blowout. Having a sharp object protruding from your tire can most certainly cause one to occur, but they more commonly result from excessive wear and tear. A tire's tread is integral to keeping traction on the road while driving. If your tread is too worn down and your tires are bald, you are in danger of an imminent blowout and need to have your tires changed. If you can see the metal material showing on your tire, you need to call Doug Smith Kia and seek tire service immediately.

Having your tires rotated regularly is a proactive way to avoid tire blowouts. Neglecting tire maintenance can be dangerous and expensive.



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