Dashboard Warning Light Definitions

As a driver most of the decisions you will make while driving will depend on what you see ahead of you. Your cars general health depends on how regularly you have your vehicle maintained. For safety purpose while driving it's always good to observe the following:

  • Remove Defective Bulb - It's a simple procedure that does not need an expert, just pop up the trunk of your hood, unscrew the plastic ring, and use pliers to pull off the metal tab, remove retainer pull out the connector and change your bulb.
  • Cracked Headlight Lenses - You can use either of the two liquid repair solutions or repair patches, to seal the cracks on your headlight. Although the crack will still be visible, you won't have to worry about moisture affecting your lenses or the crack widening.
  • Aligning Headlights - This process can be done by an expert to make sure your headlight is vertically aligned.


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