Salt And Kitty Litter Are Godsends

Kitty litter is known as a great substance to get your car tires out of sticky situations, especially those when it’s cold outside. Although kitty litter is made up of nothing more than clay, you can sprinkle a healthy barrier between your vehicle’s wheels and the snow, likely causing your car to gain traction on the clay, which can get your vehicle out of scenarios in which it’s stuck.

Sand is used to help your vehicle gain traction in situations in which you’re stuck, like those related to the above situation, along with those where you need to drive over ice or other wintry precipitation.

Salt is your best friend when it comes to eliminating the chances of having ice or other snow stick to your driveway, although only such that is above 12 degrees Fahrenheit. Call our vehicular experts of winter accidents to get an idea of these substances – Doug Smith Kia.
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